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Our Staff

Kyle Finke

Executive Director & CEO
Leading LRCE since 2017, Kyle focuses our efforts on meeting Louisiana student needs through high-performing teacher training and support programs. Kyle comes to this work as a career changer - from the jewelry industry to middle-school science teacher through a series of increasingly complex roles training new teachers - and brings that understanding into LRCE’s work as the leading alternative certification program in Louisiana. Kyle serves as a member Dean in the national group Deans for Impact, which focuses on improving teacher preparation, and as a founding board member and chairperson of Rooted Schools. Rooted is a national network of charter high schools devoted to helping students graduate with skills certification in high-growth, high-wage technical industries. An avid builder and problem-solver, Kyle enjoys working on complex issues that have no clear solution here in the Deep South.

Bethany Robicheaux

Senior Director of Operations and Finance
Bethany is a classroom teacher, turned classroom coach, turned bureaucrat, turned school leader, and now works towards keeping all the “trains and buses” rolling for LRCE. Her passion for breaking the cycle of poverty through education, keeps her striving for new options and moments of greatness for the children of Louisiana. Away from the office, she enjoys: 5 am workouts, eating amazing food created by her husband, watching her daughter discover the world, keeping tabs on her purebred mutt and six egg-laying peep peeps.

Christopher Joyce

Senior Director of Program
Christopher has served as an elementary teacher, master teacher, curriculum writer for the Louisiana Department of Education, principal, and school leader coach. In these various roles, Chris has seen how the classroom teacher is the single greatest determinant of student learning in a classroom. He has focused his career on improving teacher quality to support all students across Louisiana. Currently, Chris leads the Teach! Program team responsible for our teacher training and coaching focused on curriculum and pedagogy deeply rooted in Learning Science. Chris holds his Bachelor’s Degree from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY and his Masters in Educational Leadership from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans, LA.

Adam Gordon

Director of Training and Instruction
Adam previously worked as an instructional coach, math teacher, session facilitator, and education consultant in one of the most rural and under-resourced school districts in Louisiana. In these roles, he saw firsthand the inequity that permeates our education system. As a result, he is committed to working toward ensuring that all schools have qualified certified teachers in front of students. Currently, Adam oversees LRCE’s ongoing training during the year and supports LRCE’s summer/fall institutes. In this role, he oversees the arc of professional development and supports a staff of facilitators to develop practitioner’s pedagogical knowledge as they train under a mentor teacher. Lastly, Adam also works on developing and streamlining LRCE operational systems such as the new applicant system. In his free time, Adam enjoys traveling, learning computer programming, and spending time with his newly wedded wife. Adam has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters in Education Leadership from Lehigh University.

Addie Kelley

Director of Training and Instruction
Addie taught in Louisiana Title I schools for ten years before transitioning to the educational nonprofit world. In her time in the classroom, Addie worked as a Teacher Leader for her district, as a Teacher Leader Advisor for Louisiana’s Department of Education, and as a curriculum writer for the Louisiana ELA Guidebooks. Addie’s nonprofit work includes designing, developing, and delivering scientifically grounded teacher professional learning, supporting school and district leaders to adopt and implement high-quality curriculum, and coaching teachers and instructional coaches to plan and teach lessons that include best-practice instructional strategies. In August 2021 Addie graduated from Baylor University with an Ed.D. in Learning and Organizational Change. She also published a chapter on improving teacher professional learning through inquiry cycles in a book entitled Supporting Early Career Teachers With Research-Based Practices. Addie’s passion for developing champion teachers to serve Louisiana kids led her to LRCE where she supports coaches and practitioners as they develop their pedagogical content knowledge toward teacher certification. In her free time, Addie can be found running carpool to ballet, Girl Scouts, swim practice, art lessons, et al. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and crafting.

Teresa Rodney

Director of Operations and Admissions
Teresa Graduated from Louisiana State University in 2009 with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Business. After graduating from LSU, she landed a job in the Oil and Gas Industry as the Operations Manager for a small training and consulting firm. During her time, she organized training courses for businesses around the world, through this work she learned she desired to move into education in some capacity. In 2016, she joined staff with the Catholic Diocese Department of Special Education where she coordinated the expansion of the program from 36 students to over 200. Teresa joined LRCE staff in April of 2020 where her primary role is to ensure the successful onboarding of all teacher practitioners. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and eating cheese.

Veronica Stanek

Veronica, also known as Ms. V, is LRCE’s longest-serving employee. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a degree in French and English Education, Veronica had careers as a middle/high school teacher, and information technology manager for the state of Louisiana. She has been with LRCE for 20+ years, and she still enjoys being the receptionist and being a part of the LRCE team. When Veronica is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family.

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